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SpeedoHealer v4

The most popular speedo and odo calibrator, because a calibrated speedo and odo means precise readings in every situation while keeping mileage on the proper side. Don’t let uncalibrated readings degrade resale value!
GIpro familien

GIpro Family

The most popular Gear Indicator family suitable for an amazing wide range of bikes and various applications!
GIpro mount

GIpro Mount

The best way to mount your GIpro or SLP unit on the handlebar. Sleek, stylish, yet robust billet design. A must for every GIpro owner.

X-Tre Power Box

De-restrictor unit for x-tra power. Unleash the hidden powers and the real performance of your ride! Eliminate low gear and top speed restrictions with the X-Tre Power Box. Let the fun begin!

FI Tuner pro

A True MAP-based fuel injection tuning module, designed specifically for Suzuki motorcycles. Improves performance and torque, smoothens power delivery and throttle response.

Exhaust Servo Eliminator

Get rid of the bulky and heavy exhaust servo motor and the annoying FI light with the tiny Exhaust Servo Eliminator!

Shift Light pro

This freely programmable module can act as a full on shift light assistant or as an optimal rev range indicator for better fuel economy and longer service life.

QuickShifter easy

The only quickshifter on the market which utilizes Bluetooth technology and iOS + Android app for setup. Plug ‘n go kits for most bikes, plus a sensor that works on every bike!

Brake Light pro

The smallest flasher module in the world with 12 flash patterns for your absolute safety. Wakes up motorists behind you! Give some fancy touch to your ride as flashing brake lights is the privilege of luxury cars.


Multifunctional display unit with 5 functions. Air temperature, Battery voltage, Current and total run counter, Engine hour meter, Stopwatch and a full on Lap timer in a weatherproof, neat package.

OnBoard Diagnostic Tool

Our Onboard Diagnostic Tool has the same functions and compatibility as the factory diagnostic tool but far easier to use and costs a lot less. Open your shop today with the help of the mighty OBD Tool!